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Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

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The Plant Finance Broker

Finance options for construction equipment, plant and machinery.

Working with our partners in the US, UK and Canada, we can bring our specialist knowledge and experience of construction equipment to work for you so together we can overcome your challenges and make the most of your opportunities.

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

Professional Finance Options

Maximise your cash-flow with our financing options for your plant & equipment. Make the most of your depreciating equipment assets, making them more efficient by taking advantage of our finance options.

Financing can include soft costs such as delivery, installation, warranties and software, etc.

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

Global Payments, FX and Fintech

With our partners Highways.Today and IFX we can offer you FX and payments infrastructure for secure international payment services at low cost. Whether a large one-off transfer, or your international payroll run, IFX Payments have global cross border payment solutions to save you time and money.

Bespoke treasury management: Tailored services to help you manage foreign exchange and payment demands.

International payments: Faster settlement speeds and cheaper transaction costs with our seamless and extensive banking network for domestic and international payments.

Digital wallet: Multi-currency, virtual IBAN account integrated directly into our foreign exchange services and global payments infrastructure allows businesses to maintain, manage and distribute funds in over 38 currencies from a single account.

Mass payments: A complete cross-border payment solution providing streamlined access to over 100 currencies in more than 120 countries. Pre-validate and send tens of thousands of payments in just a few clicks.

FX risk management: Seemingly small fluctuations in exchange rates can dramatically impact the amount that need to be paid so our expert currency consultants work with our clients to identify the best FX solutions.

Global Trade Services
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

Construction Plant & Equipment

Virtually any piece of plant & equipment can be financed, but we specialise in the following:

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders and loading shovels
  • Telehandlers
  • Milling, planing and road recycling machinery
  • Fixed cranes, mobile cranes and lifting equipment
  • Access and scissor lift working platforms
  • Drilling and piling equipment
  • Bulldozers, heavy and light earthmoving machinery
  • Asphalt Paving, compaction and roller equipment
  • Concrete mixing plant, mixing trucks & pumping equipment
  • Haulers, dumpers and dump trucks
  • Demolition, and hydro-demolition robotic equipment
  • Recycling and materials handling equipment
  • Sweeping and road cleaning equipment
  • Road striping equipment
  • Traffic management equipment
  • Airport maintenance equipment
  • Waste management equipment
  • Pipe laying equipment
  • Power electric generators
  • Site equipment and portable buildings
  • BIM computer equipment and technology
  • Laboratory testing equipment and road survey equipment
  • Forestry machinery
  • Agricultural and farming equipment
  • Commercial vehicles and trucks
  • Quarry crushing plant and screening equipment
  • Asphalt manufacturing production plant
  • Mining plant, equipment and machinery

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

Keep Your Equipment Up-To-Date

Your equipment needs to be up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge technologies, to stay both competitive and profitable in today’s construction world

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
Plant & Equipment Finance Broker
  • Technology
    In the past decade there has been a great leap in technological advancements in construction equipment. From GPS machine control systems, telematics and safety systems to keep operators, workers and the public safe.
  • Delays
    One of the main reasons behind delays in projects is older, less advanced machines, which breakdown, require more maintenance and and are just not as productive as newer models fitted with cutting-edge technologies. Give your project the edge and complete your works on the deadline.
  • Productivity, uptime and Maintenance
    A huge part of any construction project is productivity. Machine downtime costs more than just money, so it is vital your equipment is up-to-date and fitted with the latest monitoring and reporting technology so the manufacturer can spot and fix any issues, before they become and issue, and can automatically schedule maintenance inline with the equipment’s usage and self-reporting diagnostics.
  • Brand value
    Clients, the press, the public, and your shareholders, will judge you by the visible face of your brand, your equipment working on site. Increase the value of your business and gain more business by keeping your equipment up-to-date and proudly emblazoned with your branding.
  • Quality Control
    Empower your employees with the latest technology, so they can complete works faster and to specification, with minimal defects.
  • Profitability
    Increasing the productivity and reliability of your equipment translates directly into higher profitability. With fewer defect-related claims and penalties for delays.
  • Environment
    In today’s environmentally aware construction industry, it is vital your operate equipment that meets the latest emissions standards, which are more friendly to the climate and reduce your CO² emissions to make your business a green business. As an added bonus the latest equipment is much more fuel efficient, saving a fortune on the job site.

Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

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Plant & Equipment Finance Broker

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